iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus Moulds Leaked in Images

iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus Moulds Leaked in Images


The anniversary edition of iPhone, called iPhone 8 was leaked massively, with new information online almost every day. A new battle brings images of the entire iPhone suspected mold in the year 2017, which gives us an idea of the appearance of the back of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

These mold images were released in Weibo, and were first identified by SlashLeaks. The three iPhones stood next to each other, showing all the differences between the three. It seems that the iPhone 8 is slightly larger and wider than the iPhone 7 7 version. The iPhone is still a unique camera setup and the iPhone 7s Plus continues to also be a dual-camera horizontal setup as previously. However, the iPhone 8 is considered a vertical sports installation of the dual camera, testifying to previous rumors.
Mold images are usually carried out to fictitious iPhone units or concepts, and we recommend that you do not consider this the last word. However, the mussels are consistent with the earlier design, leaking the addition of more weight, as to what may appear the iPhone 8. The iPhone and the iPhone 7 7s should be more iterative updates while the iPhone 8 phone You will see more radical changes.

A separate DigiTimes report (citing the Chinese daily Economic Daily News) also states that the price of 3D touch components on the iPhone 8 OLED was also increased by a 150% TPK Holdings and General Solution Interface. Touch integration technology in 3D OLED and LCD is different, OLED requires an additional glass front and back for increased strength. Although the current price of this component is $ 7 to $ 9 (approximately Rs. 450 to Rs. 600) per unit, the price of the OLED iPhone was exceeded by $ 18 to $ 22 (around Rs 1100 to Rs. ) per unit. If Apple decides to use OLED, it will be attached much higher to keep profit margins intact.

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