In Poland, Trump to Ask Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In Poland, Trump to Ask Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In Poland, Trump to Ask Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In his speech in Warsaw, M. Trump would say that in the era of terrorism, the West must answer the question of a “will to survive.”

• In a press conference with M. Duda earlier in the day, Mr. Trump said that Russia was most likely behind piracy in the 2016 presidential election, which repeated a warning to North Korea after its test of Missiles and again criticized what he calls “false news”.

• After his visit to Poland, he will travel to Hamburg, Germany for a seminar of the Group of 20 with other leaders from major economies.

• Mr Trump’s visit to Europe should result in a high-level meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia that could have a significant impact globally and at home. Even the US leader’s aides did not know exactly what he would say when the two met face-to-face.

• Western European countries had hoped to isolate M. Trump after rejecting the Paris agreement on climate change, but these efforts seem to fail.

In his speech, Trump calls for unity against terrorism.

M. Trump has issued a message of determination for terrorism to the Polish people in a speech in which he plans to say that the West must defend itself in a fight against extremism against evil.

“I am here today not only to visit an ancient ally, but to be seen as an example for others seeking freedom and the desire to gather courage and willingness to defend our civilization,” said the M. Trump speech, saying Instead Krasinski, where a monument in memory of the Warsaw uprising in 1944 against the Nazis. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”

“We have to be united against these shared enemies to eliminate their territory, their funding, their networks and all forms of ideological support,” said M. Trump, according to extracts provided by the White House.

“Although there are always new people who share our values ​​and who love our people, our borders are still closed with terrorism and extremism.”

M. Trump has also planned to say that Americans and Europeans face the danger of a “regular collapse of the government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of peoples,” citing the value of freedom and individual sovereignty. – Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Was Russia solely responsible for the interference of the campaign? “In fact, nobody knows.”

M. Trump suggested on Thursday that he was still not convinced that Russia is solely responsible for interference with the 2016 elections, breaking with US intelligence that the Moscow wine effort was led by M Poutine.

“I think it was Russia and there were other people in other countries,” M. Trump said when asked whether a positive or negative response to the issue of Russia’s interference.

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