Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel Camera Shootout

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel Camera Shootout

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel Camera Shootout


The smart phone photography peaked last year with Samsung Galaxy S7 (Review) and Google Pixel (Review) which governs the chicken coop. We are still a few pages for that year and even incremental upgrades now the flagship we have seen from Samsung and LG have produced more of their predecessors with respect to the cameras.

Many may argue that paying Rs. 40,000 for a phone today is a stupid company and this is partially true. For general use – the basics of messaging and telephony applications, sharing images on social platforms, with a lifetime of one day – all smart phones can cost less than half the price. But if you want a little more refinement in the design, the screen, and most importantly, the camera, then you are going to exceed the big bucks.

We picked up four phones that they feel have some of the best cameras on the market and put them together for the ultimate shot. These are Samsung Galaxy S8 (Review), LG G6, Google and Apple iPhone 7 Pixel Plus (Review).

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone vs. LG 7 More G6 vs. Face Testing Landscape Camera Google Pixel
We started with a landscape in the light of day that we went to the usual suspects, such as chromatic aberration, barrel distortion, color accuracy and detail. This vaccine also gave us the opportunity to see how the phones handle HDR. Emphasis was placed on the library building. Fortunately, no phones had problems with barrel distortion, and chromatic aberration was also defeated.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 wins that round as it has the best detail and color of the rest. We are not very happy with the color tone of the sky, the LG G6 handles better, but in general, the image of the Galaxy S8 is difficult to overcome. We love how levels of detail extend even to remote buildings. The colors on the tree just before the library seem more natural than the rest, and you can almost distinguish the leaves when one approaches until the end.
Enter in the second place is Google’s pixel does a very good job with details, and the foreground is better informed compared to LG G6. The latter manages a little better HDR work as it keeps the blue sky much better though. The details are impeccable here, but the areas in the foreground are also lit up with the LG G6, which is where the first two have an edge. The iPhone 7 Plus handles very well the details, but the lack of warmth, due to the silent color color. I was also a bit temperamental when getting good HDR shots because it is only used after several tries.

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