Stop avoiding mushrooms! Grilled mushrooms are healthier and rich in nutrients

Stop avoiding mushrooms! Grilled mushrooms are healthier and rich in nutrients


Love arrows? Boiling or frying can destroy your nutritional profile, while microwaving or broiling helps preserve its antioxidant capacity and other health properties, according to the researchers.
Fungi are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins (B1, B2, B12, C, D and E) and minerals such as zinc or selenium, low in calories and fat and a major source of beta-glucans – biologically active compounds with potential value medicinal.
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The results, published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, revealed that frying induces more severe losses in protein, ash and carbohydrate content, but increased fat and energy.
Boiling enhanced total glucan enhancement of beta-glucan fraction.
A significant decrease was detected in the antioxidant activity, in particular after boiling and frying, while the grilled mushrooms and microwaves reached higher values ​​of antioxidant activity.
“Treatment of friction and boiling produced more serious losses in protein compounds and antioxidants, probably due to the leaching of substances soluble in water or oil, which can significantly influence nutritional value of the final product,” said Irene Roncero Mushroom Technological Research Center of La Rioja (CTICH) in Spain.
Conversely, when the mushrooms were grilled or in the microwave, “polyphenol content and antioxidant activity were significantly higher and there was no significant loss of their nutritional value from cooked mushrooms,” Roncero said.
Moreover, adding a small amount of oil over roasting mushrooms is not a problem, the researchers found.
“A minimal amount will not cause nutrient loss through leaching, in fact, antioxidant capacity can even be improved. In addition, when using olive oil, the fatty acid profile of the preparation improved with a small increase in the Calorie content, “said M. Roncero.

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