Re-Financial Servicing, Inc.

What We Do

Re-Financial Servicing, Inc. provides debt restructuring advisory services to commercial real estate owners facing cash flow problems and/or the inability to refinance their properties due to current capital market disruptions.

How Do We Do It

Our team will formulate a loan restructuring proposal to address the immediate issues affecting your property while working with you to develop a longer-term business plan which encompasses an exit strategy for the lender. We will prepare in-depth market and valuation analyses and present the current and projected economics of your property in a logical and professional manner in support of our loan restructuring proposal. We will work closely with our clients, their management, construction and leasing professionals, to ensure that the plan we put forth can be executed within the timeframe and budget allowed. It is our primary objective to help you prevent a commercial mortgage foreclosure via a workout that helps you get through this challenging market.


These preliminary action steps should take less than a month, depending on your urgency and ability to deliver your supporting documentation and exhibits. We will then contact the Lender on your behalf, and begin the negotiation process. Although most lenders are expected to be overwhelmed, we expect to be able to come to terms within 90 to 120 days of initial submittal. Thereafter, we will need around 30 days to monitor the lender’s progress drafting new commercial loan documentation, making sure all new terms are included in new contracts or addendums. Depending on your cooperation and the cooperation of your lender, the entire process could take as long as six months.

Who We Are

Re-Financial is a team of experts from across the commercial real estate spectrum. From capital funding experts, developers, underwriters and appraisers we have the team to Re-solve the issues that you are facing in today's marketplace.

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