Sales Leads

Leads are important factor in any sales campaign and Khafre is partnering with the best in the business at providing high quality leads to you right through the Khafre system. Our partners can provide qualified leads for Loan Modification, Forensic Audit or Debt Settlement, and can quickly fulfill your orders as needed.

Quick facts and strategies on Web-based leads

  • 75% of homebuyers begin their purchase or refinance process online.
  • Internet leads convert at a rate 3-10 times higher than traditional leads.
  • There is a 39% upward shift of marketing dollars into the internet.
  • 69% of lenders that become trusted advisors get the deal.
  • 80% of sales close after the 5th contact.

Khafre Certified Partner

Interested in becoming a Certified Khafre Partner? Complete the Partner Application form or call us at 888-927-7334 to get started.

Learn more or get in touch with our existing Lead partner provider: