Additional services are available to help you get the most out of your Khafre account. Please see our current offerings below.

Corporate Training

Live training is considered the most effective learning forum, allowing for real-time interaction, detailed information sharing and direct response to questions. Live Webinar Training for up to 1,000 attendees starts at just $195 per hour. Webinars can include any range of Khafre topics, including:

  • Basic
    Covers a general high-level overview of Khafre and "Getting Started" features.
  • Advanced
    Recommended for users who already know the Khafre system basics. Covers in-depth system usage and Branch/Master Branch Administrator functions.
  • AE / Sales
    Provides concise sales training for Account Executives on how to access and manage the right data to bolster sales cycles
  • Staff
    Training for your staff shows how to get the most out of Khafre and many shortcuts and tips to increase productivity.

For the most valuable, in-depth training requirements, we also offer custom in-person training that can be conducted at your location. Call us for details and pricing.

Visit our Purchase page or call us directly at to get started.

Document Tagging

Getting the documents required for processing services is a key component to the Khafre system. For account holders who need many documents imported into Khafre, we offer a cost effective doc tagging service that takes this process off your hands. We can convert both Microsoft Word and non-Word formats into Khafre-friendly system files.

Visit our Purchase page or call us directly at to get started.