Khafre System Updates

We've been pretty busy making Khafre as feature rich and easy to use as possible. Below are the most recent updates we've finished. Have a suggestion for a new feature? Tell us how we can improve .

11/10/2009 - Khafre, Khafre Express and MyKhafre
Added "Additional Mortgages" to the debts screens as a secured Debt

10/29/2009 - Khafre Express and Khafre Konnect
Auto account generation now available

10/28/2009 - Khafre
Active Pipeline count at the branch level

10/20/2009 - Khafre
File name now hyperlinked allowing you to click the file name and open the file
New permissions added for document requests and product orders
Deed of trust information now captured

10/17/2009 - Khafre
Child branch can now be detached and set to Master Branch or moved to another master branch
Open pipeline file from within an open file

10/15/2009 - Khafre
New Importer written

10/13/2009 - Khafre
Added "View All Notes" button with the ability to switch chronological order

10/8/2009 - Khafre, Khafre Express and MyKhafre
Custom fields now available to all child branch users and clients

10/7/2009 - Khafre
On file imports can now separate client viewable notes from general notes.

10/07/2009 - Khafre Express and MyKhafre
"Powered By" co-branding solution completed log-out page can now be set dynamically
3rd Party log in box allows your users to log in from you site

9/16/2009 - Khafre
Master Branch or Branch deactivation disables any associated user account
Branch Export list completed

9/10/2009 - Khafre
Added switch to use either Property Value or Loan Balance to calculate balance reductions.
Added notification marker for files submitted to Debt Manager

9/01/2009 - Khafre
Export to Debt Manager Software complete

8/23/2009 - Khafre
CaptaLoans export can now be imported to Khafre

8/21/2009 - Khafre & Khafre Express
Now displaying User, Branch and File ID's

8/21/2009 - Khafre
New Reporting Features Added

8/20/2009 - Khafre & Khafre Express
New Tags Available for financials - Added dropdowns to user search

8/05/2009 - Khafre & Khafre Express
All Fees now available as indexed tags

7/22/2009 - Khafre & Khafre Express
PDF Document Generation Completed

6/15/2009 - Khafre
Debt Settlement Module Completed

5/27/2009 - Khafre
Debt Settlement Module Started

5/22/2009 - Khafre
Post Submission Loan Mod File status added

5/19/2009 - Khafre Express
Main Menu button added to top navigation
Service Fee Capture now available in Express

5/18/2009 - Khafre
Updated document request layout

5/18/2009 - Khafre Express
File Submit / Document Requests  available in Express

5/15/2009 - Khafre Express
New Note Count now viewable in express
Exhibit propagation now available in Express

5/12/2009 - Khafre
Multiple Pipeline drop down added to user edits

5/12/2009 - Khafre Express
Notes added and file link now available in Express

5/9/2009 - Khafre Express
Document Generation Now available in Khafre Express
Users can be set to Express only
Express Log-Ins now tracked

5/4/2009 - Khafre
Activity / Inactivity reporting added

4/30/2009 - Khafre
Reporting Enhanced

4/28/2009 - Khafre
Audit Violations updated

4/22/2009 -  Khafre
Added Reply option to notes
File Export enhanced

4/20/2009 - Khafre Express
Users can now upload/download Exhibits
Users can now update personal Information

4/20/2009 - Khafre
Note Creators now tracked

04/16/2009 - Khafre
User Activity Tracking implemented. These item are tracked:
- logins
- logouts
- session expiration (system-triggered logouts)
- file creation
- file opening
- file copy
- file transfer
- exhibit upload
- merge operation
- merge request queuing
- alter creation
- alert opening
- note creation
- note opening

04/14/2009 - Khafre
-Alert system email notification limited to 2 per Alert
-Log out times can be manually set

04/05/2009 - Khafre Express
Launch of the new Khafre Express application

03/30/2009 - Khafre
Display Enhancement for Firefox browser
User list export added

03/29/2009 - Khafre
New Loan Mod processing screens added 1st + 2nd

03/20/2009 - Khafre
Enhanced SSL security

03/18/2009 - Khafre
AE branch and file view added
AE can now transfer files
Clients Primary language tracked

03/17/2009 - Khafre
Bulk file import function created

03/16/2009 - Khafre
AE scope document requests added
Expense field and income field enhancements

03/15/2009 - Khafre
Column sorting implemented on any column list

03/13/2009 - Khafre
Loan mod screen additional Calculations Added

03/11/2009 - Khafre
AE Internal/External Pipeline views added
New Exhibits system increasing speed and reliability
New Employment Controls added

03/10/2009 - Khafre
"Switch to" added from file view to move file to another screen
Audit Violations added
Branch user account limits added
Email system enhanced

03/09/2009 - Khafre
Extracted binaries from the DB to independent storage

03/03/2009 - Khafre
Added Lender URL and Alt phone numbers
Added "non-editable" for homeowner log in

Released customizable homeowner log-in page