What’s Khafre ®

How it Works

The Khafre system enables instant communication and data sharing between service providers, affiliates and agents. This allows the Khafre user to expand their services by offering products they could not previously offer. For example, a firm that specializes in debt settlement has a customer in need of a short sale service. Rather than lose the opportunity, the debt settlement agent can provide the short sale service, meet the customer's need and earn a profit. This enables the Khafre user to track progress and provide necessary information discreetly between the customer and the service provider, while remaining the primary contact for the customer.

Khafre can also provide a secure, private labeled, customer form, enabling the customer to input all the required financial information making data gathering a snap. Once the information is entered into the system, it can easily be reused and repurposed again and again. And with our advanced search and sort system, users can immediately find what they're looking for with a couple of clicks.

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