What’s Khafre ®

Key Benefits

Khafre maximizes productivity by allowing easy access to client data and file status via secure Web browser. Interfacing with the Khafre application through the Web means no complicated application installation and provides users with 24/7 access from any computer, anywhere in the world.

With Khafre, users can now enjoy a paperless file repository and generate, review and track the files they need on the fly. When customer data is entered in the system, it can easily be repurposed when the customer has the need for another service. This dramatically reduces the time-intensive data gathering process and makes ordering new products and services simple and efficient. And because processing and tracking is software managed, Khafre can potentially increase file volume ten times over; essentially giving any small firm the ability to handle enterprise volume.

Khafre Key Features

  • Web-based application means easy access from any computer
  • Reuse and repurpose customer data between multiple service providers
  • Manage files efficiently
  • Generate custom documents from specific client data
  • Open communication between service provider and end-users
  • Reduce user error and improve data quality
  • Easily keep client apprised of status and updates
  • Custom Branding for Client and User Log ins

Khafre was built to fill an enormous technology gap in the financial and distressed market sector. With loan modifications and other mortgage services at a record high, firms need to be able to handle the increased customer volume. Khafre streamlines the process from beginning to end making filed handling and sharing simple.

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